Edinburgh Royal Mile  From Edinburgh Castle down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse

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From Castle Esplanade Camera Obscura

Royal Mile High Street sign

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre Royal Mile

Burns slept here sign on Royal Mile at Lady Stair's Close

Writer's Museum Lady Stair's Close

St Giles, dates back to 1120

City Chambers on Mile

Deacon Brodie hanged 1788 inspiration for Stevenson's "The Strange Case of of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"

Tron Kirk built 1637 -1663

Edinburgh oldest cobble street inside Tron Kirk

Mowbray and 'John Knox' Houses oldest in Edinburgh, dating to medieval times

Detail on 'John Knox' House 1556 James Mosman and Marriotta Arres

John Knox House sign Royal Mile

Depiction of John Knox on his house.

Palace of Holyroodhouse



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